Almico d.o.o.

cesta na brdo 49
1000 Ljubljana
Telefon: 386 1 256 09 46
Fax: 386 1 257 24 70
ich biete an:
Wir sind sehr bekannt für produktion des masiv Hölz produkte wie kleine küche Möbelzubehör (das Hackbrette, das Essen Fuhrwerke, der Handwagen,...), kleine Möbel (Tische, Sitze,...), Hölz zubehör (Lichte,...), Hölztiere, und andere produkte. Uber der Preis und der Aufbau wir kann handeln. Am meisten ist das Sie ihre informative Anfrage mit Spezifikationen senden. Dann wir kann eine informative Antwort geben wo Sie Preis sehen kann.

We are well known by the production of massive woods products like small kitchen gallantery and accessories (chopping boards, handcarts, serving trolleys,...), small furniture (club tables, etc.), wooden accessories (bases for lights, etc.), toys ... I have already mentioned that our production is a made to order type so the prices are usually matter of discussion as the same goes for the designs. For less complication we preffer if you send us informative enquiry of the products you are interested in, together with specifications, dimensions and designs. We shall answer with our informative offer from which the prices will be evident. We can also make the designs for you and send them into your confirmation. Let me remnid you that production of large house furniture (wardrobes, chests, sofas, beds, ...) presents a problem for us though we do not have the right capabilities to produce them at large, regarding this fact we usually work in cooperation with our partners.